Rare Plants Vanish As Climate Change Hits Scotland

Climate change. It isn’t too late to travel for the people of the world!

But if you go too soon, maybe your destinations would have said goodbye.

The latest news from the Scotsman is alarming. I love seeing these plants whenever I’m in Scotland!

Scotland’s rare mountain plants are disappearing at an “alarming rate” and face possible extinction, according to new research for the country’s leading conservation charity.

Monitoring for the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has revealed that many fragile alpine species are vanishing from areas they used to inhabit and retreating to higher altitudes as a response to global warming.

Conservationists say milder, wetter winters, drier springs and a decrease in lying snow are having an impact on plants growing on Scottish peaks.

Studies at some of the nation’s famous beauty spots have revealed major declines.

In some cases, plants have completely vanished from lower level locations where they had previously thrived.

Experts have been comparing recent survey results with information dating back to the 1950s, revealing the impact of rising temperatures.

NTS ecologist Dan Watson said: “Our monitoring shows that climate change is affecting Scotland’s mountains at an alarming rate.

“Trust monitoring tracks the decrease of rare arctic-alpine plants such as snow pearlwort on Ben Lawers and Highland saxifrage in Glencoe and shows how populations are declining at lower altitudes.

“Meanwhile, common temperate plants less able to cope with extreme climates are moving further up the hills.”

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The post suggests that climate change is happening too fast it would disallow humanity to develop technologies that could help it adapt to the changing environment

But until then, it would be essential to travel and see the beauty of the world… until it lasts.

Travel Website Reviews Are Rarely Honest

Search engine optimisation means making sure everything looks authentic in a website. All function authentically for visitors to use. When search engines see consistent activity in these sites, they get elevated to better statuses as authority sites.

I’ve heard from a search engine optimisation friend that not all reviews in travel websites are quite honest. In fact, she made it clear that no review in a travel website is completely honest.

Which is why sometimes I find it suspicious that most travel site accounts with lots of reviews tend to have a five-star rating. I always felt like I, seeing the problem in front of me in a hotel and about to post my comment, is the first person to tarnish the reputation and seamless online image of such a hotel.

My friend tells me some people just comment by creating an account. They are to comment on five or more hotels to make their account look authentic as well as post an image of themselves.

I’ve fallen victim to these high-rated hotels and their huge ratings. But some of them really did show up for their ratings. But come one, five star ratings for almost every hotel in TripAdvisor.com and even Booking.com? That’s absurd, unless we live in a world of perfection.

Which we don’t.

There’s a New App That Google Can’t Wait For You To Try!

If you’re an Android user, you’re probably one of the people who received a special Google email. They’re about to release a new app that would expand the features of its renowned and useful Google Maps.

Most likely, you’ll receive the email if you’re a top Maps explorer.

Following the launch of Google Destinations, the tech company intends to release a travel assistant app for Android and of course the iPhone.

Level 2+ local guides would be receiving emails by this week asking to try out the application.

The email contains a link to completing a small survey. It would ask about which operating system you’re using, whether you use Gmail and if you intend to head out on a trip at any time this week, the next month or this year.

Level 2 maps explorers would also receive 5 points upon answering the survey. Five points is the equivalent of adding a photo to Google Maps, creating answers for questions and making corrections on locations and whatnot.

Local guides must be stoked at this point. But of course, even if you’re at Level 2+, you still need to have the law of the galaxy work for you to be chosen!

Saving Your Budget In Three Ways

Ask anybody who had tried to plan his or her finances for more than three years and you’ll be hearing a lot about their experiences of “breaking the bank” for petty little things. In reality, breaking the bank is a common approach to learning more about finances. Why, the more one spends on credit, the more creative a person becomes once he or she needs to repay it.

So here are three ways to help you save your budget when you break the bank deliberately, or by accident.

Look At Your Refrigerator

The heart of any home is the food closet. A person usually thinks about the necessary things they need at home in their fridge when doing groceries. Some people want to cut back from their spending. But deeming the chicken nuggets as a necessity in your fridge might not always be the case. Sure, it’ll be nice if that’s part of your daily diet. But the point is, most of these things you get and get to stay in your fridge just get thrown in the garbage.

Avoid Being A Hoarder

It’s easy to accumulate so many things in such a short time. With so much old and useless items in our home, we can’t find what we need when we need it. It would be wise to go through your own living quarters and throw out everything you don’t need.

Free up some space in your home and you’ll remember where the most important things in your life are; probably your piggy bank, check book and bank passbook.

Interest Rate Problems

As much as you can, avoid interest rates. Only take out financing when it’s necessary. But don’t avoid it altogether. You need to build your credit score as your employment life reaches a decade. Once you’ve built around your career, your access to financial support should also develop.

Don’t Think of Travelling In The Eurotunnel Today!

If you’ve gone through a Eurotrip before, the Eurotunnel is a crucial part of the journey as it is convenient and affordable for most travellers. Travellers and tourists are the first affected with Eurotunnel protests and malfunctions. Today is one such day. If you’re travelling through the Eurotunnel today, don’t push through it.

The BBC reports waits of eight hours from the UK terminal because of a track trouble in the Channel Tunnel. According to Eurotunnel’s official spokesperson, extra trains have been added as specialists are carrying out repairs on the broken rail. This did not stop traffic queues building up in the UK terminal.

On Sunday, about 11,000 cars have travelled in the tunnel. Eurotunnel’s official spokesperson said it is possible to see lower traffic by Monday.

Meanwhile customers who are not reserved will not be sold tickets to ease the traffic.

A single working line guaranteed exceptional delay times. However, Eurotunnel guaranteed those delayed because of the train will receive proper compensation. They estimate the broken rail to have been fixed by Monday.

This has not been the first time the Channel tunnel delayed passengers. Last August, a large group of migrants have tried to storm the Channel tunnel to reach Britain from France.

You Might Be Overpaying For Travelling! Here Are Three Tips To Avoid Just That!

The best way to avoid higher travel expenses? Do it all by yourself. Travel agencies who prepare your itineraries often look for a quick buck by adding some more to the original price tag of your fine travels. Here are three things that would help you save up from your hotel room, your travel insurance and your transportation in your travel location!

  • Hotel Room

Timing is everything. When you’re going for your hotel room, make sure to book during less-peak periods or seasons. Hotel rooms have to pay luxury and property taxes, so they could shrink the prices of their premium rooms during certain periods and then increase their price during another. It’s quite an unfair deal, but if you could make it work to your advantage, it’s pretty awesome, right?

  • Travel Insurance            

Always be on the lookout for sales or deals online. Couponing websites have huge discounts travel insurance products in the market during different periods of the year.

A small notice though. Discounted travel insurance is often sold at a later date or for a limited time. If you’re buying for the former, you need to schedule your trip along with the effectiveness of the travel insurance.

Consider only the most basic needs, such as vaccination, a reserved hospital room and partial service, for your insurance. Cut your losses, at least.

  • Transporation         

Planning to head out nearby or elsewhere during your stay? If you’re planning a Euro-wide trip, a rental car is a costly way to travel. Commuting is the better option. If the travel locations are also distant and can be travelled by public routes, consider taking these.

Consider the environment before you make a decision. Some tourist areas are plagued with disease. Certain environmental hazards not present in Britain also exist in these different areas. Maybe a car would be cheaper rather than a high medical bill.


US Advises “Avoid Travelling to Israel’s Upper Galilee And Golan Heights”

On Friday, the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv had warned US citizens to avoid travel to Israel areas as Israel escalates its conflict against Syria.

Israel had retaliated from rockets fired from Syria. This is the first rocket to hit Israel after 1973, according to the IDF. They believe Islamic Jihad, backed by Iran from controlled territories in the Assad regime. However, they also hold the government accountable

Fatalities have been reported from the retaliation

“We urge U.S. citizens to carefully consider and possibly defer travel in the Upper Galilee area of northern Israel and the northern part of Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, until the situation stabilizes,” the warning said, adding that the embassy “continues to closely monitor the security situation.”

The warning had also called on US citizens to “be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

Israel reports that it had killed five Palestinian militants from the Islamic Jihad. A Syrian army source confirms that about 10:30 AM local time, the air strike hit a car in a village in the Syrian Golan, killing five civilians, giving a confusing angle to the situation.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights counted seven people killed in Israel air strikes on Thursday and Friday. All killed were Syrian soldiers and government-allied militiamen.

UK Home Secretary Warns Travel To Syria And Iraq To Join The IS Is A “Difficult Life”

According to Home Secretary Theresa May, British travelling to Syria or Iraq to join the Islamic State would have no home. They would be leading a life of war, famine and hardship.

Her statement comes after three Bradford sisters have travelled to Syria with their children. Authorities suspect them to have travelled to join the IS. Efforts continue to look for Khadija, Sugra and Zohra Dawood and their children who all had disappeared after travelling to Saudi Arabia for a religious pilgrimage. They flew to Istanbul and it’s been indicated that they may have crossed the border to Syria.

The women’s parents were very worried about their children because they are placed in danger.

The three sisters may have gone to Istanbul to locate and join their brother Ahmed Dawood, who is fighting with the militants.

May said “a partnership” is invaluable to defeat the Islamic State. She said the previous week has seen and heard separate and equally shocking media reports about “dangerous radicalisation.”

The Home Secretary went to say that the IS wanted to lure young women and families to Syria and Iraq by using their online propaganda. The IS’ territory has no democracy, no rule of law and no equality.


Islamic Insurance Market Scoped By Lloyds of London

Lloyds plan to enter the Malaysian Islamic insurance market will aim to maximise the potential of Lloyds as a superior player in the market.

Takaful, known as Islamic insurance, will help Lloyds expand in other regions were insurance penetration is at a low.

It is a form of insurance based on the concept of mutuality. It follows religious guidelines that banks typically do not follow. Takaful bans the likes of interest and money-profit focused transactions.

Lloyds had recently opened an office in Dubai’s financial-free zone and has become part of the Islamic Insurance Association of London (IIAL). The group’s launch this month is in support of efforts to establish the UK as a Western hub for Islamic finance.

Takaful Consultations in different regions of the Middle East and the Gulf look forward for Lloyds’ contribution in the market.

According to Bahrain-based LM Consultancy General Manager Lakhdar Moussi, he wants to see how Lloyds will do to help the cost-efficiency of Takaful.

The IIAL aims to support participants wanting to develop Islamic products while ensuring common principles are used.

Is Travel Insurance Right For You? [Infographic]

Most travelers say that travel insurance is a big nuisance to their trip. Most will say nothing can go wrong with their trip. Others may even say that it’s just a waste of money.

For those with high health risks, the want for a travel insurance policy increases.

How do you really know if you need travel insurance? Check out the infographic below.